Today 18K Gold Rate in Agartala

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Today 18K Gold Rate in Agartala: The current rate of 18-carat gold in Agartala is now available for all to see. Many people want to know what the price is when they are considering buying or selling gold, and this rate gives them the information they need. It can be found online, both from local and international sources, so that people can find the rate that works best for them. This rate gives people insight into the market and helps them make decisions when considering buying or selling gold. Knowing the current rate of 18-carat gold in Agartala can help people make informed decisions that will be beneficial for them in the long run.

The price of 18-carat gold in Agartala per gram is ₹4,615. When it comes to fine jewelry, understanding the purity of gold used is essential. Specifically, when exploring pieces made of 18K gold, there is much to learn about this popular gold choice. 18K gold is comprised of 18 parts gold, and six parts other metals, like silver, copper, and zinc. This creates an alloy that is 75% pure gold. 18K gold jewelry is bright and shiny and slightly more yellow in color than 14K or 10K gold, which makes it a great choice for those looking for a slightly more golden hue.

This gold purity is also durable and long-lasting and is an excellent choice for everyday wear. In terms of cost, 18K gold can range from slightly more expensive than 14K gold to much more expensive than 10K gold. This is because 18K gold is composed of a higher ratio of pure gold, and thus its value – and cost – is greater. But regardless of price, 18K gold pieces are sure to be of high quality and a luxurious addition to any jewelry collection.

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Real-Time Gold Rate in Agartala

As of today, the 18 Carat Gold rate in Agartala stands at Rs. 4,615.00 per gram and Rs. 36,920.00 per 8 grams. For those interested in past data, on 08-Aug-2023, AM, the 18 Carat Gold rate was Rs. 4,615.00 per gram and Rs. 36,920.00 per 8 grams across Agartala. We offer up-to-date information, ensuring that you never miss a beat in the ever-changing world of Gold prices.

Weight 18Kt Gold Rate Date
1 Gram Rs. 4,615.00
08-Aug-2023, AM
4 Grams Rs. 18,460.00
08-Aug-2023, AM
8 Grams Rs. 36,920.00
08-Aug-2023, AM
10 Grams Rs. 46,150.00
08-Aug-2023, AM
1 Tola Rs. 53,828.45
08-Aug-2023, AM
1 Ounce Rs. 143,542.55
08-Aug-2023, AM
1 KG Rs. 4,615,000.00
08-Aug-2023, AM

Insights into Gold Rate Trends

To help you make informed decisions, we provide insights into Gold rate trends over the past 7 days. On 27-Jul-2023, the 18 Carat Gold rate reached its highest at Rs. 4,655.00/- per gram, while on 02-Aug-2023, it touched the lowest at Rs. 4,619.00/- per gram in Agartala. For 8 grams of 18 Carat Gold, the highest rate of Rs. 37,244.00/- was observed on 27 Jul 2023, and the lowest rate of Rs. 36,949.00/- was recorded on 02 Aug 2023.

Today 18K Gold Rate in Agartala

Date 1 Gram 8 Grams 10 Grams
08-Aug-2023 AM ₹4,625.00 ₹36,926.00 ₹46,155.00
07-Aug-2023 AM ₹4,633.00 ₹36,992.00 ₹46,237.00
06-Aug-2023 AM ₹4,633.00 ₹36,992.00 ₹46,237.00
05-Aug-2023 AM ₹4,633.00 ₹36,992.00 ₹46,237.00
04-Aug-2023 AM ₹4,616.00 ₹36,861.00 ₹46,074.00
03-Aug-2023 AM ₹4,616.00 ₹36,861.00 ₹46,074.00
02-Aug-2023 AM ₹4,629.00 ₹36,959.00 ₹46,196.00
01-Aug-2023 AM ₹4,661.00 ₹37,221.00 ₹46,524.00
31-Jul-2023 AM ₹4,649.00 ₹37,123.00 ₹46,401.00
30-Jul-2023 AM ₹4,665.00 ₹37,254.00 ₹46,565.00
29-Jul-2023 AM ₹4,665.00 ₹37,254.00 ₹46,565.00
28-Jul-2023 AM ₹4,637.00 ₹37,025.00 ₹46,278.00
27-Jul-2023 AM ₹4,665.00 ₹37,254.00 ₹46,565.00
26-Jul-2023 AM ₹4,641.00 ₹37,057.00 ₹46,319.00

Gold Jewellery: Your Ultimate Guide

Are you considering purchasing gold jewelry? Whether it’s a gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself, buying gold jewelry is a significant investment. But before you dive into the world of glittering ornaments, it’s crucial to equip yourself with essential knowledge. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know before buying gold jewelry, ensuring that your purchase is not only a symbol of beauty but also a smart investment.

Things to Remember Before Buying Gold Jewellery

Purchasing gold jewelry isn’t just about its aesthetic appeal; there are several factors you should consider to make an informed decision. Here are some key things to keep in mind:

Understanding Gold Purity Levels

Gold jewelry comes in different purity levels, commonly measured in karats (K) or fineness. The higher the karat, the purer the gold. For instance, 24K gold is considered pure gold, while 18K contains 75% gold and 25% other metals. Understanding these levels helps you choose jewelry that matches your preferences and budget.

Researching Current Market Prices

Gold prices can fluctuate due to various economic factors. Before making a purchase, research the current market prices to ensure you’re getting a fair deal. Online resources and financial news can provide real-time information to help you gauge the market.

Authenticity and Hallmarks

Ensure that the gold jewelry you’re purchasing is authentic and of high quality. Look for hallmarks or stamps that indicate the gold’s purity and authenticity. Common hallmarks include “916” for 22K gold and “750” for 18K gold.

Choosing the Right Design

Gold jewelry comes in a myriad of designs, from traditional to contemporary. Select a design that resonates with your personal style and preferences. Whether you prefer intricate patterns or minimalistic elegance, there’s something for everyone.

Setting a Budget

Gold jewelry comes in various price ranges. Set a budget before you start shopping to avoid overspending. Keep in mind that factors like design complexity and gold purity can impact the overall cost.

Consider Your Skin Tone

When selecting gold jewelry, consider your skin tone. Yellow gold complements warm skin tones, while white gold suits cooler skin tones. Rose gold offers a versatile option that complements various complexions.

Ask for Certification

When buying gold jewelry, especially high-value pieces, always ask for a certification of authenticity. Reputable jewelers often provide certificates that detail the gold’s purity and other relevant information.

Check the Return Policy

Before finalizing your purchase, inquire about the store’s return or exchange policy. This is essential in case you change your mind or encounter any issues with the jewelry.

Storage and Care

Gold is a precious metal that requires proper care to maintain its luster. Learn about the best practices for storing and cleaning your gold jewelry to ensure its longevity.

Consider Future Trends

While classic designs have a timeless appeal, considering future trends can be exciting. Look for pieces that not only suit your style but also align with upcoming fashion trends.

Buying from Reputable Sources

To ensure a positive buying experience, purchase gold jewelry from reputable and established jewelers. Reading reviews and seeking recommendations can help you find trustworthy sources.

Get a Second Opinion

Bringing along a friend or family member when shopping for gold jewelry can provide valuable insights. A second opinion can help you make a more confident decision.

Inspect for Defects

Thoroughly inspect the jewelry for any defects or imperfections before making a purchase. Pay attention to details such as clasps, soldering, and stone settings.

Consider the Occasion

Think about the occasions you’ll be wearing the jewelry for. Whether it’s a daily wear piece or meant for special events, choose accordingly.

Negotiation and Comparison

Don’t hesitate to negotiate the price or compare it with other jewelers. This can help you get the best value for your money.


At our Gold Rate portal, we believe that knowledge is power, and we strive to equip our users with the best and most accurate information to enhance their investment experience. As the nation’s favorite platform for Gold and Silver prices, we are committed to helping you navigate the intricacies of the market with confidence and ease. Trust us for real-time data, in-depth analysis, and a commitment to excellence in all that we do.