Today 18K Gold Rate in Adityapur

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Real-Time Gold Rate in Adityapur

As of today, the 18 Carat Gold rate in Adityapur stands at Rs. 4,615.00 per gram and Rs. 36,920.00 per 8 grams. For those interested in past data, on 08-Aug-2023, AM, the 18 Carat Gold rate was Rs. 4,615.00 per gram and Rs. 36,920.00 per 8 grams across Adityapur. We offer up-to-date information, ensuring that you never miss a beat in the ever-changing world of Gold prices.

Weight 18Kt Gold Rate Date
1 Gram Rs. 4,615.00
4 Grams Rs. 18,460.00
8 Grams Rs. 36,920.00
10 Grams Rs. 46,150.00
1 Tola Rs. 53,828.45
1 Ounce Rs. 143,542.55
1 KG Rs. 4,615,000.00

Insights into Gold Rate Trends

To help you make informed decisions, we provide insights into Gold rate trends over the past 7 days. On 27-Jul-2023, the 18 Carat Gold rate reached its highest at Rs. 4,655.00/- per gram, while on 02-Aug-2023, it touched the lowest at Rs. 4,619.00/- per gram in Adityapur. For 8 grams of 18 Carat Gold, the highest rate of Rs. 37,244.00/- was observed on 27 Jul 2023, and the lowest rate of Rs. 36,949.00/- was recorded on 02 Aug 2023.

Today 18K Gold Rate in Adityapur

Date 1 Gram 8 Grams 10 Grams
08-Aug-2023 AM ₹4,625.00 ₹36,926.00 ₹46,155.00
07-Aug-2023 AM ₹4,633.00 ₹36,992.00 ₹46,237.00
06-Aug-2023 AM ₹4,633.00 ₹36,992.00 ₹46,237.00
05-Aug-2023 AM ₹4,633.00 ₹36,992.00 ₹46,237.00
04-Aug-2023 AM ₹4,616.00 ₹36,861.00 ₹46,074.00
03-Aug-2023 AM ₹4,616.00 ₹36,861.00 ₹46,074.00
02-Aug-2023 AM ₹4,629.00 ₹36,959.00 ₹46,196.00
01-Aug-2023 AM ₹4,661.00 ₹37,221.00 ₹46,524.00
31-Jul-2023 AM ₹4,649.00 ₹37,123.00 ₹46,401.00
30-Jul-2023 AM ₹4,665.00 ₹37,254.00 ₹46,565.00
29-Jul-2023 AM ₹4,665.00 ₹37,254.00 ₹46,565.00
28-Jul-2023 AM ₹4,637.00 ₹37,025.00 ₹46,278.00
27-Jul-2023 AM ₹4,665.00 ₹37,254.00 ₹46,565.00
26-Jul-2023 AM ₹4,641.00 ₹37,057.00 ₹46,319.00


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