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Roblox Critical Legends Chest Locations: ROBLOX is a digital gaming world where players can create characters, build, and interact with other players.

Recently, the game was updated and a new feature was introduced. The new feature, called the Critical Legends Chest, randomly drops items that players can purchase.

This article is going to provide an overview of the Critical Legends Chest and its locations in ROBLOX. It includes a map of ROBLOX with locations marked and a list of the items that have been obtained from a chest.

The critical legends chest is a special chest that can only be obtained in certain places. It contains a large number of coins and the chance of receiving a legendary item is increased.

This guide will tell you where you can find the chest and tips on how to get the most out of it.

Critical Legends Chest Locations Guide ROBLOX. It is true that the Critical Legends Chest is one of the few things that can give you the best items in the game. However, it is not as easy to find as you might think.

One of the most common locations for the chest is in a mini-game that is hidden. This article shows you the locations of these mini-games, as well as some tips on how to find the chest in these games.

Roblox Critical Legends Chest Locations: Beginner Game Guide

We’re going to go through all of the basics of everything you need to know and the fastest way that you can get right into the action. I will make note of a few items but for the majority of the items, we’re just going to skip and breeze through if you love adventuring.

I would highly recommend that you go out on an adventure and find more items than what I showcase here.

When the game starts you’ll be given five items to access these items. You’re going to want to press P on your keyboard or the little icon in the bottom right-hand corner.

Click on the green box and you’ll see all of these items. These are pages they’re a small introduction to the game. They go over combat.

They go over class evolutions world events saving or saving locations along with equipping items for starters. there are a few areas you’re going to want to get familiar with one of them is the statue of the gold glowing chess.

All Chest Locations in Roblox Critical Legends

In this guide, we’re going to break down all of the current chest locations in Roblox Critical Legends.

These chests are hidden across the map, in numerous regions, and in a few hard-to-reach spots. If you take care of getting all of them, you’ll be stocked up on epic active and passive loot that gives you precise competencies and bonus stats that will help you tackle enemies and proceed with your journey.

Here is every piece of merchandise you will get from the chests and the very last area you could accumulate them.

Flower Fields Chest Locations in Critical Legends

  • Sun Fragment — In front of the Flower Fields, on the black platform.
  • Honeycomb — In the center of the Flower Fields.
  • Honeyshield — At the Flower Fields’ northern wall.
  • Queen’s Soul — Right next to Queen Bee on the southern wall of the fields.

Heroes Cavern Chest Location (Level 125)

  • Soul in a Bottle — When you reach Level 125, enter the Heroes Cavern by jumping through a narrow hole in the center of the Slime King’s Forest. Using a Moon potion, look for a chest on the top pillar of a dark platform to the left of Arsenal’s shop.
  • Shadow Fruit — Next in this Critical Legends chest locations guide is Shadow Fruit. Keep moving southwards and search for a chest behind the final platform.

The Void Chest Location (Level 100)

  • Soul Drain — Last in Critical Legends chest locations guide is Soul Drain. After reaching Level one hundred, go to the Japanese fringe of the wooded area and enter the Void. Turn left outdoor the portal and use the Haste potion on the ledge to attain the chest on a lone rock.

Primis Field Chest Locations in Critical Legends

  • Rage Scroll — In the first left turn, under the apple tree.
  • Sharpener Rock — Inside Cave 1 in the first right turn upstairs.
  • Burning Leaf — Turn left inside Cave 1 to reach a purple hell portal at the end. Turn left from the other corner of the portal, cross a long bridge, and look for a chest in the lava rocks to your right.
  • Travelling Boots — Right outside the Cave 1.

Spawn Chest Locations in Critical Legends

  • Punch — On the boat to the right of spawn.
  • Pickaxe — In front of spawn, on the stairs.
  • Metal Plate — On the roof of a shack, left of spawn, behind an apple tree.
  • Beta Factory — On the roof of a shack just to the left of Legit Shop.
  • Beta Ticket — Inside Legit Shop.

Punky Sky Chest Locations in Critical Legends

  • Force Field — From the southern edge of the Slime King’s Forest, take the long stairs up to the Trading Place. To get to Punky Sky Island, take a boat. Look for a chest on the roof of the house with crates on its walls, to the right of the Arsenal shop.
  • Dark Burn Scroll — Across the bridge left of Arsenal shop at one of the large pillars.
  • Blood to Mana Scroll — Behind the last house left of Potion shop.

Thyrus Wood Chest Locations in Critical Legends

  • Hunting Dagger — The first chest at Thyrus Wood’s entrance.
  • Icy Shield — Under the apple tree in the first left turn.
  • Venom Scroll — South of the Arsenal shop.
  • Campfire Wood — Right next to a large campfire in the southern part of the woods.

Slime King’s Chest Locations in Critical Legends

  • Barrage — In the northern part of the Slime King’s Forest, behind a tree.
  • King’s Crown — At the eastern wall of the Slime King’s Forest.
  • Slime Jar — In the southeastern corner of the forest.
  • Self Heal Scroll — In the southwestern corner of the forest.
  • Ignite Scroll — Outside of Cave 2, near the crates.

Forest Chest Locations in Critical Legends

  • Virus — Near Blubb’s Castle in the northern part of the Forest.
  • Mini Tree — At the eastern edge of the Forest, right across the bridge.
  • Gravity Islands — On the upper platform, close to Skeleton King’s Tower, on the southeastern edge.
  • Heart Fruit — In the center of the Forest.
  • Tiki Torch — Next in this Critical Legends chest locations guide is Tiki Torch. You will find it on the seashore at the southern end of the forest.

Evergreen Chest Locations in Critical Legends

  • Chaos Strike Scroll — On the rocks between the bridges inside Cave 3. To get there, you’ll need to use a few Haste potions.
  • Group Heal Scroll — Outside of Cave 3 at the right border wall.
  • Mana Scroll — Next in this Critical Legends chest locations guide is Mana Scroll. You will find it at the northern border wall.

Snowy Caps Chest Locations in Critical Legends

  • Ice Rose — From the Punky Sky isle’s pier, take a boat to Snowy Caps. Look for a chest near the southern wall, to the right of the spawn boat.
  • Blizzard in a Bottle — One tier below the bottom of the pillar holding the spawn boat’s pierce.
  • Self Freeze — Across the bridge, another tier below.

Last Word:

These are all the places of the hidden chests. Some of them should require you to make use of potions and devices that offer you expanded pace or leaping, specifically ones inside the excessive-degree areas. The relaxations are relatively simple to obtain. Have an enjoyable for your treasure adventure and try and collect all of them!

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[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”p” question-0=”What is the strongest weapon in critical legends?” answer-0=”Void Scythe is strongest weapon in critical legends game.” image-0=”” headline-1=”p” question-1=”What is the best item in critical legends?” answer-1=”Best item in critical legends are: S Tier: Northerner King, Candy Cane Katana, Winterfall Solar Eclipse Greatsword. || A Tier: Gleaming Candy Corn Greatsword, Sugar Rush Luna, Gingerbread Mage. | | B Tier: Jack O’Lantern, Water Katana, Beta Blade || C Tier: Pumpkin, Candy Corn Sword, Beta Sword” image-1=”” headline-2=”p” question-2=”How do you get slime boots in critical legends?” answer-2=”There are Three slime boots in critical legends. Which is mention below: Slime Boots A.} 1x Traveller Boots. || B.} 5x Slime Gel. || C.} 1x Slime Core.” image-2=”” count=”3″ html=”true” css_class=””]