Mobile Legends Adventure Best Heroes Tier List 2022

Mobile Legends Adventure Best Heroes Tier List 2022

Mobile Legends is a mobile game that is played by millions of people around the world. There are many different heroes in the game, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. This tier list will help you decide which heroes are best for you to play.

The Mobile Legends Adventure Best Heroes Tier List has the top 10 strongest heroes in the game. These heroes are a must-pick for any beginner or advanced player.

Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List will help you in deciding on the satisfactory Heroes that provide haves to provide. With the assistance of the Mobile Legends Adventure tier listing, you may be able to develop faster and most significantly you become a greater effective participant who will dominate.

There are a number of unique heroes that you may use and play. Each one in every one of them is precise with one-of-a-kind stats, skills, abilities, rarity, electricity, etc. There are some heroes so one can dominate different heroes in nearly every factor of the sport at the same time as there are some heroes who will underperform. So it’s far critical to recognize who are the high-quality and worst heroes in the game.

There are a lot of factors that you have to think about whilst you are deciding on what hero you may use like synergy, what’s your current development, your purpose, and what heroes you have already got. And many others. If you are like maximum gamers who no longer care about these factors, you could simply use heroes from Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List which can be rated in ranges S and A.

They are excellent in the sport and they may provide you with a great go back on your time and effort. Just make sure that you live far from heroes which are rated as tier C and under, they may be underperforming so there may be no factor in their usage of them.

Tier System and Grades

  • Tier S – Overpowered
  • Tier A – Balanced
  • Tier B – Slightly Underpowered
  • Tier C – Underpowered
  • Tier D – The Worst

Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List

A Estes Ranged Support, can heal allies for a great amount of HP.
A Hylos Melee Tank, Ring of Punishment will burn anyone who dares to come near.
A Harley Ranged Support, capable of exiling the most dangerous enemies.
A Gord Ranged Mage, can greatly reduce the enemy’s Defense.
A Atlas A melee tank, capable of absorbing the enemy’s attributes and knocking them airborne
A Claude Ranged Marksman, can summon a mirror image to draw enemies’ attention.
A Alpha Melee Fighter, skilled at breaking down enemy Tanks’ defense.
A Zilong Melee Fighter, can throw enemies back behind him.
A Chang’e  Ranged Mage, multiple Light allies can grant her great enhancement.
A Gatotkaca  Melee Tank, can knock in-range enemies flying.
A Gusion Melee Fighter, capable of enhancing himself with his Ultimate.
A Minsitthar  Melee Fighter, capable of boosting all allies’ Energy continuously.
A Karina  Melee Fighter, capable of dodging Basic Attacks and stealing enemy targets’ Energy.
A Alice Ranged Mage, possesses powerful regen ability and shocking destructive power.
A Karihmet Ranged Marksman, capable of turning the power of the sun into spears.
A Gavana Melee Fighter, has a balanced and comprehensive damage output.
B Badang Melee Fighter, capable of enhancing allies’ skills which deal damage over time.
B Grock  Melee Tank, can increase the survivability of nearby allies.
B Kadita Ranged Mage, capable of dealing higher damage to enemies that are closer to her using her Ultimate.
B Diggie Ranged Support, capable of generating a shield for all allies.
B Saber Melee Fighter, capable of knocking enemies airborne, dealing continuous damage.
B Lancelot Melee Fighter, capable of cutting in the enemy back row, inflicting destructive damage on the squishy enemy heroes.
B Yi Sun-Shin Ranged Marksman, capable of providing Lifesteal Bonus for all allies.
B Freya Melee Tank, is capable of acquiring a thick shield and regenerating HP according to the damage the shield blocks.
B Thamuz Melee Tank, capable of taunting an enemy for a long duration. Defense increases when taking damage.
C Lapu-Lapu Melee Fighter, capable of switching between Twin Blades State and Heavy Sword State.
C Helcurt  Melee Fighter, capable of silencing the enemy crowd.
C Hanzo Melee Fighter, capable of dealing massive damage and Critical Damage with Ultimate.
C Moskov Ranged Marksman, capable of cursing enemies and lowering their energy.
D Eudora Ranged Mage, uses lightning to damage and control enemies.
D Miya Ranged Marksman, capable of boosting allies’ Attack.
D Cyclops Ranged Mage, lethal against a single unit.
D Layla Ranged Marksman, can inflict damage on mid or back row enemies from a distance.
D Ellie/Jawhead Melee Fighter, capable of throwing enemies into the distance.
D Bruno Ranged Marksman whos Basic Attack can bounce between enemies.
D Alucard Melee Fighter, capable of charging towards the enemy back-row and dealing damage.
D Franco Melee Tank, capable of dragging a distant enemy towards himself.
D Hilda Melee Fighter, is capable of regenerating HP rapidly when at low HP.
D Rafaela Ranged Support, can regen HP and increase power for all allied units.
D Tigreal Melee Tank, has strong Defense and relatively high HP.
D Kaja Ranged Support, capable of controlling enemy unit and dragging it to the designated place.
D Balmond Melee Tank, has a chance to counterattack and deal damage to nearby enemies when taking damage.
D Aldous Melee Fighter, capable of charging towards the enemy back-row.
D Bane  Melee Assassin, capable of dealing AoE Damage to multiple enemies in front of him.
S Belerick  Melee Tank, can regen HP continuously.
S Aurora Ranged Mage, uses ice power to freeze and deal heavy damage to enemies.
S Lesley Ranged Marksman, capable of inflicting lethal damage on enemies with low HP.
S Karrie Ranged Marksman, capable of aiding allies’ damage output and boosting the enemy’s damage taken.
S Natan Ranged Marksman, capable of dragging enemies out of spacetime.
S Akai Melee Tank, can provide all allies with a shield when the battle initiates.
S Masha Melee Tank, able to take on control effects inflicted upon allies.
S Clint Ranged Marksman, capable of dealing massive damage with Martial teammate’s assistance.
S Hanabi  Ranged Marksman, capable of controlling enemies with Higanbana.
S Hayabusa Melee Fighter, is unlikely to be targeted by the enemy and is capable of dealing massive damage to its target.
S Kagura  Ranged Mage, capable of summoning a paper doll to attack enemies.
S Fanny Melee Fighter, capable of limiting the effect of enemy Assassin or Tank
S Uranus Melee Tank, capable of healing all teammates.
S Kimmy Ranged Marksman, able to separate enemy front row heroes and deal splash damage once they die.
S Granger Ranged Marksman, able to convert allied damage taken into counter-attack damage upon the enemy.
S Vexana Ranged Mage, possesses the ability to summon a puppet form of an enemy.
S Amaterasu  Ranged Marksman, able to inflict huge damage on back row targets.
S Tia Ranged Mage, can fire devastating barrages and destroy all the enemies.
S Yu Zhong  Melee Fighter, capable of reflecting the damage taken and has execution effect while the Ultimate is activated
S Zhask Ranged Mage, capable of controlling enemies in a large area and summoning the Nightmaric Spawn to fight alongside him.
S Shah Torre Ranged Mage
SS Valir Ranged Mage, uses a raging inferno to turn everthing to ashes.
SS Lolita Melee Tank whose Ultimate is capable of controlling numerous enemies in a large
SS Angela  Ranged Support, can greatly strengthen the most powerful ally.
SS X.Borg  Ranged Marksman, capable of igniting mid and back row enemies with scorching flames.
SS Irithel Ranged Marksman, capable of boosting allies’ Attack and reducing enemies’ Defense.
SS Wanwan Ranged Marksman, capable of changing her position with enemy
SS Nana  Ranged support, capable of resurrecting an eliminated teammate.
SS Odette Ranged Mage, can inflict massive AoE Damage.
SS Guinevere  Ranged Mage, capable of detonating enemies’ energy.
SS Argus Melee Tank, capable of transforming into a fallen angel, thus becoming immune to death.
SS Selena Ranged Mage, capable of charming multiple enemies and adopting an Abyssal Form to finish off enemies.
SS Lylia Ranged Mage, capable of sending enemies to sleep
SS Lunox Ranged Support, capable of turning into a beam of Light of Order and reviving once certain conditions are met.
SS Akashic  Ranged Support, can dispel allies’ debuffs as well as grant them buffs and control immunity.
SS Shar Ranged support with strong crowd control.
SS Anna  Ranged Mage, capable of locking enemy’s HP.
SS Martis Melee Tank, is capable of swapping HP with the enemy that has the highest HP.