Aethelflaed Talent Tree Guide

Aethelflaed Talent Tree Guide

Do you want to have a legendary commander free of charge? This is Aethelflaed!

Aethelflaed is a captivating commander who brings peacebuilding, support, and the ability to lead. That’s what separates her from others in Rise of Kingdoms. The formidable hunter and slayer, with a myriad of active skills.

She takes over during Rise of Kingdoms, competing against other famous commanders from the past. She is well-known for her success in safeguarding her territory from Viking attacks.

Learn to efficiently use and improve the skills of Aethelflaed with this Aethelflaed Talent Tree Build guide.

Aethelflaed Talent Tree Guide

Why is Aethelflaed As the Most Excellent?

Your players are now able to celebrate! Why? It’s because, despite all its advantages, Aethelflaed is a legendary free-to-play commander.

This isn’t all. Here are a few reasons this Commander is one of the best.

* You can download the greatest Commander of all time for absolutely nothing.

* She has a strong active and dynamic skill that hits numerous areas.

There is also the added increase in experience, making the process of leveling up easy.

* Aethelflaed is perfect for barbarian farming.

* She is highly capable of being flexible and can deal with any kind of force.

A quick review of the capabilities of Aethelflaed’s

Many consider her more than an individual commander. She excels against barbarians and Forts and also on the broad field with her powerful skills.

You’re probably wondering which capability of Aethelflaed is the most effective? Here are some suggestions to help you get going.

* Thunderous Force The troops’ counter-attack damages are reduced by 20. While you’re actively fighting the enemy, you stand a chance of having a chance of reducing the speed of the enemy troops by 50% as well as the speed of other soldiers in 30 percent. The slow effect lasts for three seconds.

* The synergy: All soldiers under your command receive an attack reward of 35 percent in the face of barbarians and other units of the opposing and Commanders also receive an EXP bonus of 35 percent.

* Arrow of Iron: Causes up to 5 enemies with an area of forwarding that is fan-shaped to be hit (Damage factor 800) and reduces their defense, attack, and endurance by 30 percent over the following 2 seconds.

* Warrior Queen It is an ability. It’s a Deal that will cause an additional 20 percent of harm to delayed opponents.

*Fortress of Mercia When the Commander is in charge of a rally and all the forces involved in the rally are granted a 10 percent troop limit increase. The damage of this Commander is increased by 20 percent if the Commander is in charge of the at-least three distinctive unit types.

If you summon Aethelflaed You gain access to a new ability. This allows you to refine the sequence you want to enhance your skills since different skills can be helpful to her.

In reality, you’ll be able to level her up the same as you over-level her. This means that the skill sequence is more of an adjustment. Once you’ve got it down then you’re ready to go.

How do you build the Aethelflaed’s Talent Tree?

This great monarch played a key role in the defeat of the Danelaw! You’re probably ready to bring this queen of warriors in your game but wait.

Here’s some information on the creation of the Aethelflaed’s Talent Tree.

* To greatly improve the speed of restoration for Aethelflaed’s fury.

* You can also apply Rejuvenate or Burning Blood.

* Make Hasty and leave the road as you go about this.

* Take the emergency cover, loose form, and Elixir to boost the strength of her troops to withstand an attack.

* You are now able to utilize the Cage of Thorns to add an effect of speed reduction on her current skill.

* It increases her knowledgeability, which increases her ability to cause damage to an opponent in the event of speed reduction.

* You could put an inscription of talent on it even if you’ve not yet cranked her talent.

You’re almost done with all the abilities listed within the support Talent Tree for this Aethelflaed Talent Tree Build Guide.

What’s Next? Now you can move to the next step in the Leadership Talent Tree. For starters, you must acquire Healing Herbs as well as Strategic Prowess to improve her troop’s ability to sustain damage.

It’s now warmed up to Teeth to increase the troops’ attack, in addition to Hidden Fury to restore anger.

What are the Top Aethelflaed Talent Trees?

There are at least three well-known builder builds available, however, your personal preferences and your gaming style will determine which build you pick.

  1. It is the Peacekeeping Talent Build

This ability is a boost to Aethelflaed’s impressive passive ability against neutral and barbarian units.

The more destruction, she battles barbarians. She also increases the level of understanding she acquires in each battle. For better security, focus on becoming Armored to the teeth.

Find new recruits along the Way to Boost the capacity of your Troupe. This talent development builds her, and she will also gain more defense skills as a result of damage reduction.

  1. Field Talent Builds The Field Talent Build

This build is focused on stopping your opponent’s movements.

It’s when you make them standstill, and then finish the game with devastating attacks. Aethelflaed’s field talents are the best defense. If you’re in charge of Aethelflaed field talent, the build can be very useful.

This build can also help your colleagues when there are conflicts on the map.

Contrary to the previous build of talent it focuses more on supporting and allows you to control your opponents with restrictions on mobility efficiently.

  1. The PvP Talent Building

It’s a fantastic build that aids in improving the Fortress of Merica passive skill.

It is achieved by combining the bonuses to attack and defensive she earns when she has more than three kinds of soldiers within her army. A small percentage of her points for talent is devoted to fury building generation, which helps her active ability to maintain high levels of uptime.

As a result of this build-up, she also gets better defensive capabilities due to the reduction of damage.

  1. Summary

Within Rise of Kingdoms, Aethelflaed is at a different level from the other commanders of legend.

In comparison to other famous players, Her active talents provide the lowest Hit Factor. She’s also not a cavalry or infantry commander or archer commander as none of her abilities are specialized in those areas.

Aethelflaed as well as being an excellent debuffer is also effective in combating barbarians and neutral units. This Aethelflaed Talent Tree Building Guide is designed to improve her capabilities as a debuffer as well as damager.

We strongly suggest that you purchase Cage of Thorns. This way you can maximize the use of Aethelflaed’s expertise abilities.

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